About the Chamber

The Voice of Vancouver Small Business

The Chamber of Commerce is a strong and credible voice for business, representing approximately 600 members.

The Chamber of Commerce is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization with steady growth in the last few years

Established in 1936, the Chamber is also one of the most active chambers in the Lower Mainland. Issues that affect the members are of primary concern to the Chamber. It is the members who are the driving force behind the city – their opinions are extremely important. As an advocate for these members, the Chamber lobbies municipal, provincial and federal governments. Because a united voice has far more impact than a single one, the Chamber is in a position to influence outcomes. Members are encouraged to participate in activities and make their thoughts heard when it comes to improving business opportunities in our city.

Mission Statement

To promote a vibrant, thriving business community and represent the interests of our membership
by being a positive, connective force between our members, government and the community.


The day-to-day activities of the Chamber are carried out by an Executive Director and our office staff.

What Does the Chamber Really Do?

This is a legitimate question that you have probably heard before. Many people, including those to whom the Chamber is very important, are not aware of the mandate and operation process of a Chamber of Commerce.

There are many misconceptions about what a Chamber does. For example, there are those who believe the Chamber gathers statistics, prints brochures, visits new businesses, answers inquiries and advertises what a great place the local area is in which we work and live. The purpose of the Chamber of Commerce is far deeper.

The Chamber of Commerce is a catalyst – a common vehicle through which business and professional people work together for the common good of the community.

This brings us back to the original question. What does the Chamber really do?

The Chamber lobbies on behalf of its membership, educates the community about business issues, and exposes the public to our thriving business environment.

In the final analysis, there is one prime reason for the Chamber to exist – to do whatever is necessary to keep the local area’s economic condition at a level where businesses will risk their resources in the community in the hope of making a profit.

In any community, it is from the profitable operation of business that all other benefits are derived. Only by succeeding in this fundamental goal can jobs be provided and produce the climate to finance all of the governmental, educational, cultural and charitable needs that communities are faced with every day.

That leaves one final question. Who does all of this? We all do – the Chamber members, the volunteers and the staff. You – our members – provide the ideas, the drive, the goals, the funds and the voluntary services necessary to keep the Chamber doing what it does.

You are the Chamber, and without you, there would not be a Chamber of Commerce!


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